General issues

What does ping of server mean?
It’s a check of sites and servers by using an ICMP protocol. This check shows the response time of your server. MonitorBot sends 4 requests to your website and marks based on the answer, whether it works or not.
This check may not work if ICMP requests are blocked on the server

What does to monitor the "200 OK" status mean?
This is a verifying of websites over the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and determining their working capacity by the response code of the web server. MonitorBot sends the GET request to the specified URL; as if the user did that, taking into account all of the redirects. If the page loads successfully, the server returns a response code 200. If the status of your site suddenly changes (for example, it becomes 403 or 502) - the system immediately notifies you about it.

What for are the random messages needed?
With the help of an individual URL, it is possible to send you messages with any text by Telegram (the maximum length of the message sent is 200 characters). You can use this function to inform you of some events.

К примеру, в вашей квартире установлена система умный дом. Вы можете интегрировать произвольные сообщения в систему умного дома и всегда будете в курсе происходящих событий. Кто-то пришел или ушел, система прислал вам сообщение, забыли выключить утюг или воду в ванной, система напомнит вам об этом

What does checking the time of content generation mean?
MonitorBot checks the time at which the content had been generated by server. Time of content generation is the time from the reception of the request by the server until the transfer of the first byte. This metric is important for determining cases, when the server on which the website is running, significantly reduces its performance. Web search engines use the rate of content returning speed as a ranking factor for search results. The time of content generation also affects the conversion greatly

What for is the checking of critical errors needed?
Critical errors – errors that appears in websites software (known also as «Fatal error», «Warning» or «Notice»). More often, they appear in start of content and corrupt appearance of the site. Main causes of appearing of this type of errors are using of outdated features, missing file or missing variable. These errors need an attention of specialists anyway. MonitorBot checks the presence of this kind of errors and informs about them.

What are cyclic redirections? What am I need them for?
Cyclic redirection is a condition when the requested page redirects query to oneself or to another page that in its turn redirects to first page, closing each other so request is redirecting permanently.
MonitorBot does 7 transitions max, if redirection continues, you’ll receive notification about cyclic redirection.

Main reasons that cause cyclic redirections are incorrect configuration of semantic URL, config files .htaccess, ngx_http_rewrite_module or wrong cookie installation

What for is checking of redirection to another website needed?
Redirection to another website is a condition when requested page redirects users request to another site. E.g. for checking URL was choosed but you are redirected to As soon as MonitorBot detects such redirection, it’ll notice you about this.

Redirection to another website may indicate that your site was hacked and users were redirected to another URL. In addition, this can happen if unchecked plugins that redirect to another URL had been installed or if hosting-provider disables website and redirects all users to another site.

In which cases is checking of content/identifier needed?
In a role of this kind of identifier unique number from Google Analytics code or from Yandex.Metrika or any other code with latin characters, numbers, dash or underscore can be used.

Content/identifier checking helps you to notice website defacement in case of hackers attack or disabling of website by hosting-provider in time.

What is «Roskomnadzor checking»?
Сhecks out whether website has been contributed to UNIFIED REGISTER of the domain names, website references and network addresses and whether this site has not been blocked in Russian Federation respectively. This checking is produced by secure way – bot makes request to URL through servers that are located in Russian Federation so in case of blocking original content of website will be unavailable.

What does domain expiration date checking mean?
MonitorBot monitors over the expiration date of domain name and sends you notices 30, 7 and 1 day before it ends.

What are the object and what for they are needed?
Objects are the data repository + triggering. The possible use of objects greatly variates. Objects allow to configure transference and monitoring of arbitrary numerical values – it gives a chance to use MonitorBot for monitoring many different metrics, E.g. to control number of orders, users, balance of funds, number of not processed tickets and much more.

How does it work?
E.g. you want to configure notice on your website if the number of orders exceeded the certain limit. For that, you need to create object, preliminarily stated condition and value for notification. After object had been created you receive unique link, E.g.[VALUE], on which you need periodically, but not often than once a minute, send value of controlled metric (current number of orders) to MonitorBot.

As soon as condition works out and a number of orders will exceed adjusted limit, MonitorBot notifies you about that.

What for is the call to another URL when problems were found needed?
By adding your URL or object to monitoring you can specify an additional URL. When errors are happening MonitorBot notifies about them and additionally makes GET request to secondary URL, to which adds associative array with monitorbot[] name and information about the problem.
This function can be used for any other additional action besides notification about the problem.

What is a difference between "once", "wait for response" and "no signal" notifications?
Notification type "once" notifies about problem only once and waits for recovery of website’s working capacity. If working capacity was recovered, you will receive notification, that working capacity was restored

Notification type "wait for response" notifies about problems (if they are) once per minute for 30 minutes, after that once per 10 minutes for next 12 hours.
To deactivate notifications about this problem you may press "OK" button after any of notifications

Notification type "no signal" sends no any notifications about problems accordingly and after the working capacity was restored you can know about the problems only through statistics page at the web-panel of MonitorBot

Can I add MonitorBot to group in Telegram?
MonitorBot supports group use function

To plug in bot to group you must do that:
- Add MonitorBot to contacts
- Create group
- Find MonitorBot in contacts list and go to profile info
- Click "ADD TO GROUP" button
- Select group that was created by you from the list
- Confirm you choice
- Start to work with the bot by entering /start command

What are the advantages of using MonitorBot in groups?
You can monitor your websites and objects collectively when MonitorBot had been added to group. All of the group members will see statistics, notifications. Collective work will help to react on problems more operatively

I received notification that site isn’t working, but it’s all OK with it.
It happens that MonitorBot sends notification about the problems with website, but when you go in that site, it works in normal state. That may happen in these cases:
- Hoster blocked one of our IP, from which monitoring was carried out;
- Website really was unavailable for a short period. For instance restart of server or updating of software by administrator was made, etc;
- It were malfunctions of internet connection in data-center where website Is located;

It was an error on website or it was unavailable but I didn’t receive notification.
This situation may happens by these occasions
- Error may happens in period when MonitorBot wasn’t checking you website. Frequency of checks depends on selected subscribe;
- This error type isn’t included in selected subscribe. If you want MonitorBot to monitor that type of errors you need to switch for suitable subscribe;
- Website isn’t available from your IP only and it works from other addresses and our servers in normal state;

If any of cases isn’t suitable connect our support team then

Are the domains with cyrillic names supported by?
You can add websites with Cyrillic domain names for monitoring in MonitorBot, they will be converted to punycode automatically

MonitorBot’s commands
In order to give instructions to the bot, you need to enter a query. The available queries and their description follow below:

✳ Basic commands
/login - generates a PIN code for authorization on the website https://MonitorBot.Me
/lang - changing the language
/support - sending a message to the support team
/pay - activation of the subscribe payment code
/info - shows information about your current subscribe
/message_url - receives a link to send a free message (maximum 200 characters)
/del - deletes your account

✳ URL Monitoring
/add - adding an URL
/list - list of your URLs
/edit - URL editing
/ping - gets the response time and safety of packages
/curl - get connection time and number of redirects
/gen - gets the time of content generation
/exp - gets the expiration time of the domain
/remove - delete an URL

✳ Object Monitoring
/add_obj - adding an object
/list_obj - list of your objects
/edit_obj - editing an object
/obj - get the history of the object
/obj_clear - clears the history of the object
/remove_obj - delete an object

Web Panel

What do pin-code for an authorization is need for? How can I use it?
With help of /login command in MonitorBot you can receive disposable pin-code for an authorization in MonitorBot’s web-panel at
Pin-code is active for 5 minutes – by this time you can authorize in your account. Pin-code deactivates after 5 minutes expired or after successful authorization.

What is a keychain and what for is it needed?
The keychain helps you to bind your social media account to the MonitorBot. So you can to log in using Facebook, VK, Google, Yandex in web-panel at instead of log in requesting a pin-code in MonitorBot. To bind your social media account in first place it's necessary to log in with a help ofpin-code and then proceed to keychain page and bind account here.

Why can’t I add "domain expiration date" checking for my website?
Not all of registrars of domain names give information about the expiration date of the domain name (or we cannot execute this checking yet). Domain names that have no this info (or we can’t receive it) cannot be checked by expiration date of the domain name because MonitorBot can’t receive it.

Why data are shown only for 24 hours in statistics by hours?
By selecting display by hours in statistics filter all data group by all selected period and average index by hour are displayed.


Which subscribe is best suited for me?
MonitorBot offers 4 subscribes by choice
1. Trial for free
2. Minimal for 3$ per month
3. Standard for 5$ per month
4. Professional for 10$ per month

Every of the offered subscribes differs by the quantity of granted features.

Trial subscribe includes minimal set of features. It is best suited for familiarization purposes. In addition, it suits for monitoring of small website or blog

Minimal subscribe includes a bit expanded set of features. It is best suited for small internet shop, informational website or blog with small attendance. Checks general indicators which are important for that category of websites

Standard subscribe includes much more expanded set of features. Will be useful for internet shop of middle size, community, forum, informational website with high attendance

Professional subscribe includes maximal set of features. Perfectly suited for large internet shop, portals, corporative website and other large web projects

How can I pay for selected subscribe?
For payment for selected subscribe you need to choose using period with the help of "the slider" and press "PAY" button. After that, you will be redirected to payment admission system named Interkassa. There you can select comfortable payment method. After successful payment, system will inform you about that and you will be redirected to website. If payment was failed then system will inform you about reasons of failure and you’ll can to retry an attempt

Is there a reminder about prepaid subscribe ending?
At the end of validity of subscribe MonitorBot will send remainder over 30, 7 and 1 day before the subscribe ends

What will happen if I'll buy higher subscribe?
If capabilities of current subscribe are not sufficient for you, you can switch to higher subscribe at any time. By switching on the higher subscribe rest of your score will be recalculated to new subscribe and you only must pay the difference

What will happen if I'll buy lower subscribe?
You can switch to lower subscribe if monitoring of large number of websites and objects is not necessary to you. For that you may to choose sufficient subscribe and buy it. After you buy the subscribe it will be in the queue and will be activated automatically after the end of the current subscribe

How is the cost of switching to higher subscribe calculated?
The cost of switching to higher subscribe is recalculated proceeding from a number of days that are remained to the end of subscribe if your current subscribe is "Minimal" or "Standard".
E.g. "Minimal" was bought for one month (3$) and a half of the month is remained to the end. The cost of "Standard" for one month will be lower by 1.5$ (5$ - 3$/2) accordingly

I paid for subscribe but it didn’t activated. What can I do?
Possible reason of delay of subscribe activation can be delay of data transfer about the payment from payment admission system. If subscribe will not activate in 5-10 minutes you need to connect our support and describe problem in details: when the payment was committed, to which subscribe and period, which payment method was selected

What is a Pin-code for subscribe activation and how can I use it?
If you buy subscribe and aren’t log in by the moment or if you pay for switching to lower subscribe you receive disposable pin-code for activation of the subscribe. After the payment, you can send it by e-mail or look at it in payment history in the personal area. To activate subscribe you need to execute /pay command in bot and input activation code or you can activate it in your account at PAYMENT page ("Activation" section). After the activation of subscribe pin-code will be deactivated


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